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Guest Policy 

The UCL Diplomacy Society is a non-profit student-led society affiliated with the Student Union. This page summarises our official policy on the admission of guests and guidelines to follow to our events. We ask that you respect them and respect those in charge of enforcing them. 


Online Events 

We expect guests to have their cameras turned on during online events out of respect for our speakers. Please keep your profiles on mute until you are asked by either committee members or the speaker to ask a question or participate. Any interference or unauthorised screen sharing will be reported and blocked. If a guest’s behaviour disturbs our event, they will be removed from the event. 


In-Person Events

Our in-person events will be subject to UCL Student Union Covid-19 guidelines. We expect all of our guests to abide by their regulations for the safety of our members and committee.

Suppose this is a premium member event; you will need to show proof of your premium membership before partaking in the event. If this event requires a ticket, you will need proof of purchase to enter the premises. 


Free Events 

Our Free events are on a first-come, first-served basis; both members and non-members are encouraged to take part. If these events require a ticket, you will need to present it. You are not permitted to bring a guest who does not have a ticket. 

We reserve the right to exclude anyone not abiding by these guidelines. Moreover, to protect our members and guests, anyone being disrespectful, harmful, disruptive, not abiding by sanitary guidelines will be asked to leave.

Opinion Policy

Our society is non-politically affiliated. As a result, we offer events on a variety of topics and countries which cover a wide range of political opinions. Any editorial material or event do not represent the opinions of our committee members. 

We believe in learning from every opportunity, including being confronted with views you might not necessarily abide by. We ask our members and our guests to respect all of the speakers as we ask our speakers to respect our guests. No insults or threats will be tolerated during our events or on any of our social media pages. 

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