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Our 4 Pillars

I. Professional Skills

Workshops, Work simulations, Career Advice, Talks with Professionals across diplomatic fields

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II. Academia & Political Discussion

Panels, Talks, Debates on International Affairs around the World

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III. Editorial

The Diplomacy Review, The Diplomat Podcast & Bentham Brooks Institute

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IV. Cultural Diplomacy

Embassy visits, diverse membership, volunteering schemes

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About us

UCL Diplomacy Society is the largest international-based society at UCL. We pride ourselves on building a community of students passionate about the international field. Our aim is to inform our members about current political and economic affairs, providing a valuable opportunity to learn and engage in areas of foreign policy. The Society hosts exciting guest talks, roundtable events, visits to embassies and organisations and formal dinners with senior leaders. Through our network of diverse connections, we support students pursuing a career in foreign affairs and diplomacy. 

The Diplomacy Society is a proud alliance society of the Bentham Brooks Institute, UCL's first student-led think tank formed by the 5 biggest international affairs at UCL. It encompasses a bespoke research program to produce peer-reviewed, high-quality research policy papers to influence policy-makers and influential figures.



Through our resources and contacts, Diplomacy Society provides endless opportunities and avenues for those wishing to pursue an international career.



We’ll be hosting interactive workshops and training sessions, alongside events with high-profile speakers, to develop an in-depth understanding about the diplomatic field.



Our diverse social events and networking opportunities are a fantastic way to meet the team and other Diplomacy Society members.



From becoming a society member, to working with the committee or writing for the society’s journal ‘The Diplomat’, there are so many ways to get involved.

Newly Launched!
The Diplomat Newspaper

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Photo gallery

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